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If you’re one of the people who consider primers to be unnecessary, you need to take another look at them. The main function of primers is to prepare the skin for the application of foundation as well as laying proper background for the other cosmetic creams and products so that they can get absorbed easily.

 It makes your pores to be invisible

One of the main benefits of using a primer is that it can conceal your pores completely. Unlike liquid foundation which can make your pores to be more visible, primer seals them completely.

 It reduces the appearance of acne

Though primers don’t fight acne on their own, they help to reduce the appearance. Primers are much better at masking the appearance of acne as compared to using a concealer alone.

It makes makeup last longer

A Primer also helps to stop your pores from sweating excessively thus making your makeup to last for long. This alone is a decent reason as to why you should use a primer!

It brightens up your skin

Before you have used any highlighter, primers can brighten up your face. You can purchase primers that contain light reflecting pigments that can brighten up any skin complexion.

It makes your skin look more hydrated

Primers will make your skin to look and also feel more hydrated. Most primers contain hydrating ingredients that will greatly help to stop your face from drying out during the day.

It gets Rid of Oily Skin

Primer incredibly absorbs the oil thus helping to get rid of the frustrating and unattractive oily skin. There are some great and top quality products that will definitely offer your skin a luxurious and cool matte texture throughout the day thus ensuring an efficient shine control.


Generally, makeup primers can help greatly to hide imperfections on your skin. However, it is totally up to you to determine whether you should use a primer before applying makeup or not.

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