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H&M x Erdem


When the Swedish fashion retailer, H&M and Erdem, the London fashion house that has a cult-like following all over the world, announced that they would be collaborating for their next line, the Erdem x H&M, it set off great excitement and anticipation in the fashion world. The announcement was followed by a short film that served as a teaser which served to further add to the excitement. The film which was entitled ‘The Secret Life of Flowers’ was directed by Baz Lurhmann and gave us a glimpse of what the designer collection would be, elegant and funky.

The Swedish retailer has been involved in very successful collaborations in the past, from Versace to Alexander Wang to Balmain. A collaboration with one of London’s most successful fashion house whose fans include Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton was expected to be spectacular and it lived up to the expectations.
The Collection
The Erdem x H&M consists of 87 pieces that we caught a glimpse of when H&M released the lookbook which was shot by celebrated photographer, Michael Pundelka. It showcased the very extensive collection that had fashion fans drooling all over the world.
The collection was first brought into life in Los Angeles at the Ebell Club. Sticking to Erdem’s longstanding signature design, the collection was filled with romantic floral pieces. For the classy, the Victorian style dresses will leave you feeling like a supermodel on the runway with the elegant floral tops staying true to their chic culture.

Some of the highlights of the collection include a classic Boucle Jacket whose bright prints make it the go-to for the festive season, the Modern Erdem dress which is just ideal for a hot summer day and the Fun Frilly Mini-Dress which as the name suggests is a funky dress that just oozes charm and is among the sexiest pieces. Other classic pieces include the Red Carpet Dupe, a long gorgeous gown for that occasion that will have all heads turning.

Surprise Pieces
The collaboration with H&M, which is the first high-street collaboration for Erdem has brought with it some new unexpected pieces that will be sure to prove popular. The first surprise is the men’s collection which marks the first time the label is designing for men. The men’s pieces include slip-on sneakers, trousers and shirts which as would be expected are adorned with Erdem’s signature floral prints.
The collection also marks Erdem’s design of hoodies and sweatshirts which are also floral and are guaranteed to be the trendiest pieces once they are release.
When, Where and Why?
The Erdem x H&M is guaranteed to be the trendiest collection once it hits the stores. This collection has integrated the two markets catered to – H&M with the street fashion and Erdem with the chic and elegant designs – and brought out the best of both. This is one collection you must grab, not just for the beauty of the pieces but also for the class and elegance that has been brought by Erdem. For the first time, the men can rock on an Erdem design and every man out there must take advantage of this.
The collection will be available on November 2 and as revealed by H&M, will be an exclusive collection whose availability will be limited.


H&M x Erdem


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