How to avoid comparison on social media

Have you ever been in a good mood and after checking out facebook, twitter or Instagram, you see a new post by a friend or somebody else and you suddenly become gloomy? Yes, this normally happens to many people. It’s interesting how social media can instantly change you from a normal person to uns ...
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Cutting / Edge

Hey loves!What have you been up to? Me, not much. Photoshoting as usual ( gotta pay dem bills!) but also planning my next trip as part of my birthday gift, yay! Yeah, my birthday was a couple of days ago and for some reason I felt a little bit depressed. I guess I feel that the years are going by so ...
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Yes, spending time with yourself is a wise investment. Why? We get to know ourselves better, to renew our spirit and regroup. Being alone with our thoughts can help us to reflect on our lives, weigh matters before making decisions or life choices. You may wonder: "All these benefits from just s ...
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11 Struggles Fashion Bloggers can relate to

1.Let's start with the one most (if not all) of us face:          -"What job do you do?"Me: " I'm a fashion blogger."* Gives you an awkward stare*Me: " Yes, that's a real job. Blogging for a living exists." *Major eye roll*.People do not understand your life when ...
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Military Chic

The military uniform has always been a symbol of power, patriotism and might. Many designers have often used it as a source of inspiration for their collections ( hello Balmain !). There's something authoritative about this look that can give your outfit a powerful aura.Gold button details ,tai ...
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The Shampoo that changed my life

I may not be the best when it comes to hair care, but I can certainly recognize an amazing hair product when I see it. But before I tell you about the miracle product, let me give you a good briefing of my hair. My hair belongs to the "tricky" category. Maybe annoyingly tricky. I have gone from supe ...
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Stay Warm

Hey loves! Happy new week :)Hope you are all doing great! I had a busy week with photoshoots but an amazing weekend. Feels good to unwind, recharge your battery and start the new week strong. This post was supposed to go up yesterday but I am running a giveaway , so that went up instead. You should ...
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Q&A | Session 1

First of all I want to thank you all for your heartwarming messages regarding the launch of Chic Glam Label. Reading such comments always give me an extra push, motivation and joy. So seriously, THANK YOU!  As promised, in this post I will answer a few questions as part of our monthly Q & A ...
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Outfit Challenge | The 100% Transparent Dress

I always like an outfit challenge. It gets my creativity flowing when I try to figure out how I cam make a "difficult" piece of clothing wearable. One of the hardest trends to pull off ( without looking cheap or trashy ) is the transparent style of clothing. While sheer shirts are easier to pull off ...
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Q&A | Chic Glam Label | OOTD

Hey loves!Today's post will be a bit different. I was thinking it's about time I did a Q&A. So in the next post, I will be answering some of your questions. Simply ask one question in the comment section and I will choose about 10 questions in total to answer. I think it's a great way to get to ...
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