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Dark Romance | Fall Florals


I hate floral prints. There, I said it. Something about them always seems "too girly" for me or " too grandma". The only place I would say I like seeing it is in a Dolce & Gabbana ad. I remember loathing those floral print dresses my mom would pick out for me when I was a little girl. Growing up with two brothers and a tomboy sister, it was only natural that I adapted the tomboy style and it stuck with me for quite a while.

As I was discovering my style through the years, my newfound love for black  practicality became prevalent in my attire selection. For the most part my closet consists of minimal clean lines, solid neutral colors ( think black, white, grey..and back to black again!). So in general prints were almost always a no no for me. I say almost because in fashion there is always room to try something new.

Honestly, it's a trend that I have had to warm myself up to. And now I'm wearing prints...Floral prints but with a darker mood. I guess the only way for me to wear floral patterns is if they feature deeper, more intense shades. Like this dress. I like that despite the floral print it doesn't look like Barbie's dress but has a dark, exotic mood to it.


DRESS | MYA Collection

EARRINGS | Noilence Jewelry

BAG | Michael Kors ( Shop Here)


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