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Rachel Owiti – CHIC GLAM STYLE | Jocelyne Nkiambi

Passionated by fashion and elegance, Rachel Owiti is the founder of ChicGlamStyle, her personal fashion diary where she shares her passion for fashion but also some useful lifestyle tips. Since its beginning two years ago, her platform has evolved into an inspiring website for a lot of people. The full-time blogger answered my questions about her journey : get to know her !

Can you present yourself ?

My name is Rachel and I’m the founder and blogger of Chic Glam Style.I was born (to Kenyan parents)
and grew up in Athens,Greece. Besides being a full time blogger, I am also a model, a fashion editor and owner of my own brand Chic Glam Label.

Why did you start blogging and what is the purpose of your site ?

Blogging wasn’t something I planned. It just sorta happened. I love fashion and people always tell me I have a great sense of style.So I thought why not share this passion with everyone?

Can you describe your style / beauty routine ?

I would say my style is: minimal, basic with doses of parisian chic and ocassionally glam. As for beauty,I always
go for a natural simple look: winged liner, nude lips and contour.


When was the moment you realized your work was getting attention ? Tell us a bit about your “blogger journey”.

I think that was when “serious” companies and brands started to approach me for sponsored/sometimes not posts,projects, events. I started like everyone else.Right at the bottom where nobody knows you, where you have to do everything for free and where after a little while you start to doubt yourself because you see no engagement, no interest from anyone and you start to compare yourself with the bloggers that “have made it”.
That’s the point where most aspiring bloggers fail and give up. No matter what you gotta keep going and you’ll start to see results eventually. Create great content, consistently and everything will come.

You went from being a regular blogger to an influencer : what do you think about it ?

Did I? Haha! I am so caught up in what I’m doing. Trying to give it my all. Trying to be better everyday that I don’t pay attention to these labels.I’m just glad people like what I share with them and that is rewarding.

In your opinion, what are the 3 ingredients for a successful blog ?

Great Content, Great Photography, Consistency.


What do you look for in a brand when you consider to collaborate with it ?

It definitely has to match my style. When I first started I would just collaborate with anyone but now I’m more selective.

What do you think about being a black blogger in the fashion / beauty industries ? Do you feel like you get the same opportunities as others ?

Unfortunately skin color is still an issue everywhere in 2016. I know that as a model it’s harder for me to get modelling gigs as opposed to white models. Same applies to blogging.Personally I haven’t been turned down as blogger from a company due to race but I know a fellow black blogger that has.

How do you see your platform evolve in the future ? 

My ultimate goal is to turn my blog into a major brand. See Sincerly Jules or Chiara Ferragni.


What advices could you give to a young woman who would like to follow your path ?

If you really really love fashion and want to do it then go for it. Be creative, follow your own lead ( be authentic), be persistent, work hard,lastly be patient.

Any final word ?

I really like your blog!


Chicglamstyle.com // @chic_glam_style

Images © ChicGlamStyle


Rachel Owiti – CHIC GLAM STYLE | Jocelyne Nkiambi.

Source: Rachel Owiti – CHIC GLAM STYLE | Jocelyne Nkiambi