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9 to 5 Chic : Super High Waist Culottes

Untitled Infographic (6)Looks like the culotte trend is here to stay after all.Turning into a wardrobe staple these cropped trousers are perfect for every occasion including the office.They are also practical.What I love about them is that you can literally fling off your shirt and pop on a sexy camisole or crop top to transform it to a Friday-night-ready ensemble.

So the answer to the question “Can you wear culottes to the office?” is hell yes! There are so many different styles of the culotte pants that I can guarantee you will find something that works for you.Since I have a tiny frame and small waist I opted for the high waist version.I paired them with a loose shirt,which I tucked in and high heels for a more polished look.







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