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Untitled Infographic (6)The tweed jacket is probably one of Chanel’s most classic and iconic pieces.It was originally part of a two piece suit but now women wear it in a variety of ways.Which brings us to today’s post:” How to wear a tweed jacket without looking like grandma?”

The answer to that is pretty simple.Mix classics with more modern,trendier pieces you currently own.I prefer to wear classics with something rock n roll like leather and metal(accessories).I styled my cropped tweed jacket with a coated black dress and military-style cleated sole booties for an edgier,rock vibe.Merging new and old pieces spices things up and you don’t end up looking too conservative or tacky.

So on your next visit to grandma,go ahead and raid her closet.Chances are you’ll find something gorgeous & classic worth stealing….um,I mean borrowing 😉 And if her closet is far far away then you could find a plethora of tweed jackets online and in stores.







IMG_0610TWEED JACKET & DRESS | MYA Collection 

BOOTS | Migato


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