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The Statement Sock


Before you think about what socks you should wear with your shoes, you should be thinking about what shoes you should wear with your socks.Turning your socks into the main focal point of your outfit is fun, easy, and possible for all occasions, from your office to your weekend wardrobe.The trick is to keep the rest of your clothes as basic as possible, while ensuring that your socks remain the main focal point of your outfit by changing up their length and texture.Another positive of wearing fashionable socks this season is that, when done correctly, playful socks can give you a fresh take on an outfit that you already own. Your favorite weekend loafers can look as good as new when partnered up with a stylish pair of socks, making it the perfect place for someone who doesn't want to commit to a certain fashion trend, allowing them to experiment with different styles.One thing to keep in mind though, is that when making socks the main part of your outfit, is to ensure that the socks are in good condition. Be sure to avoid any socks that are threading or pilling. Additionally, when experimenting with socks, textures and proportions are very important. Hope these tips help 🙂





SOCKS | Calvin Klein

SHOES | Vans Old Skool

SUNNIES | Lindberg Eyewear

RING | Pilgrim Jewelry 


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