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How often should you use hair masks?


Are you wondering what you have to do to make your hair bouncy, shiny and shimmering effortlessly without having to visit the salon now and then, well this article will clearly show you how.

Use of hair masks helps you to achieve this by moisturizing and strengthening your hair. This is because the dullness of your hair is due to factors such as dehydration. The hair masks protect your hair from the aggressive external environment making them more shiny and silky since they restore, hydrate and nourish your hair. The number of times you need to use hair masks on your hair depends on the level of damage to your hair. If your hair is dry and fragile, consider using the hair masks 3 times/week. In cases where your hair is in good condition; use the hair masks monthly.This will ensure your hair remains strong and healthy.

Lorvenn Hair Professionals recently sent me a few of their hair care products to try. A shampoo, conditioner, thermal protector and a hair mask. Guess which product I loved most? Yeah, the mask. I really did feel my hair moisturized after use and in combination with the leave-in thermal protecting cream, my hair was really silky and smooth. I'm not the best at keeping up with a hair regimen but will try my best to use this mask 3 times a week and see the longterm results.

How often do you use hair masks?