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Athens Hotspots | Ethos


You know when you discover this cool spot as you are walking by and you enter and discover it's even more amazing than you anticipated? Ethos Juices is one of those spots. Relatively new in the city, this uber cool cafe will definitely catch your attention. It's cute ( I prefer smaller cafes than really spacious ones ), with a minimal yet striking interior and exterior. I mean, let's be honest, especially for us instagrammers location and interior is super important for that perfect insta-worthy shot. Right? This place has got it all. The best part is the menu. Beautiful photos are great and all but what about the food and drinks? They specialize in cold pressed, delicious, raw, food and drinks, locally produced, lovingly prepared and carefully packaged ( yes, even the juice packaging is lit af ) . If you are vegetarian or vegan or if you have gone fully raw this is your place. And....*drum roll please*... they have matcha latte! This is probably the 3rd? spot in Athens I have found that serves matcha latte. Berliners and Scandis ( and the rest of Western Europe ) are probably like "Girl, why you so excited?" Because most cafes here don't serve it. Well, what can I say? I guess Greece is only recently getting acquainted with the whole matcha thing. Anyway back to Ethos. Scroll below to have a look at the place and all the deliciousness I had there.

Veggie bowl w/ Avocado, rice, beans, peppers, and beetroot sauce.


Avocado Bagel w/ egg, cucumber, Matcha Latte, Ethos Cold Pressed Juice w/ beetroot, carrot, ginger, apple, pear




Petraki 30, Syntagma, Athens