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Holiday Fitness Tips

Taking a break from the humdrum existence of life to go on a holiday? Great! It's important to recharge your batteries and go for occasional trips. But, how do you stay fit while on vacation?


1) Drink water ten minutes before eating:

Before your meals, be sure to drink at least one and preferably two glasses of water. Water will not add any calories to your meals and it will fill you up, hence preventing you from over-eating.

2) Load up on salads and fruits:

Start your meal with a large helping of fruits and salads. This is a healthy way of ensuring that your stomach is full by the time you reach the sinful and creamy deserts.

3) Stay away from dressings and dips:

Even though dressings and dips are tasty, eating them along with the salad or your meal is sure to add to your calorie count. Opt for these only if low-calorie versions are available.

4) Take your time to eat each course:

Savor each mouthful and wait for at least twenty minutes before going for second helpings. If you wait twenty minutes, you’ll find that you may not actually want seconds.

5) Drink less alcohol with your meals:

Alcohol contains empty calories and if you can stick to juice or sparkling water, you'll stay ahead in your battle to stay fit. If you can’t stay away from having just one alcoholic beverage, then do have a glass of water between your drinks. This will fill you up, help prevent dehydration and slow you down as well.

6) Stick religiously to your exercise routine:

The majority of people stop exercising when on holiday. Be the exception to this rule. This will ensure that you’ll stay on track with regards to your long-term health goals. You’ll also have a lesser tendency to overeat.

7) Go for a morning or evening walk:

Even if you don’t have access to a gym, one of the best ways to stay fit is to go for an hour long morning or evening walk while on vacation. Walk briskly, after warming up, and enjoy the fresh air and the feeling of well-being after you get back to your hotel room.

Focus on enjoying your holiday and treat food as just one aspect of the enjoyment. Spend quality time with your friends and family to create memories that last a lifetime.




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