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The secret to looking well put together…even on your off days.


There are some women that look great no matter what they do. They just seem so effortless. And you might say to yourself : “ She must be spending hours each morning to get ready”. And then you might start to feel like a hot mess...


Being one of those women that look so well put together every day ( I have been told so by friends and even total strangers ) , I can tell you that it’s not about being perfect. It’s all in the details.

1. Pay special attention to the fit. Know what looks great on your shape. If needed take your clothes t be tailored.

2. Notice the little things. Iron or steam if your clothes have any wrinkles, use the roller if you have any lint, buff any shoe scuffs.

3. Pair basic clothes with statement accessories. An eye-catching bag or shoes can make a huge difference.

4. Don’t overdo it with the jewelry. Minimal is the way to go.

5. Take care of your nails. People really do notice your trimmed nails. Plus it will make you feel good.

6. Wear what makes you comfortable. If heels aren’t for you, honey it will show. You have to feel and look confident. So if you’re better off with stylish flats, then go for it.

7. Invest in good quality basic pieces.

8. Sometimes layering with nice jacket or blazer can upgrade a look.Like I did with this outfit.

9. Natural makeup. For some, it might mean just blush, mascara and a little lipstick. For others, it might mean more. The point is the end result should look natural.

10. OWN IT! Confidence is one of the most important aspects of looking like a million dollars.


DRESS | No Stress

KIMONO | Ries by Malucha

SHOES | Migato

BAG | Michael Kors


Stay Chic, Stay Glam