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Adding Color To Your Minimalist Wadrobe


Choose Your Accessories Carefully

In most cases, minimalists opt for white, gray, and black colors for their dresses, tops, and trousers among other clothing items. Others go for beige, navy, or orange. Well, you can maintain this style while going for accessories that have vibrant colors. That means selecting colorful shoes, handbags, jewelry, and scarves. Combining accessories with different colors is also an excellent way of adding color to your minimalist wardrobe.
Wear One Clothing Item That Stands Out
You can go with this style during fall or spring. For example, you can go for a one-color coat that has a vibrant color. However, the rest of your clothing items can remain as minimalist as possible. Doing so allows you to add color to your minimalist wardrobe without letting go of your minimalist ideas. You can also opt for a bright dress in spring that has one color. You will look stylish and conserved at the same time.
Makeup Is the Secret to the Best of Both Worlds
Your makeup kit is the key to keeping your wardrobe as minimalist as possible. More specifically, you can maintain your wardrobe as it is without a single change to it. However, you can add a bit of color to your makeup. For example, you can go for bolder eye shadows with distinctive lines. Aim for sharp contrasts, different patterns, and unusual colors.


Stay Chic, Stay Glam