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The Jeans That Make Your Legs Look Longer


Cropped jeans are probably the hottest denim trend the past few seasons and there are no signs it’s about to change yet. There are plenty of reasons to love them: they elongate your legs, you can show off your pretty shoes ( boots, sneakers, flats, heels, just about anything ) and they flatter all shapes and sizes. You just have to style them right.

  • -If you’re short, a longer top can make you look even shorter in cropped jeans. So make sure to either tuck your top in or embrace the crop top trend. 
  • -Opting for a high-rise fit will help elongate your legs even more!
  • -Dark wash cropped jeans are visually slimming, which is important when you’re losing length in the legs

Worry about the fit first rather than the length. Find a pair that fits you perfectly in all of the right places and makes you feel really good.Worry about the hem last because you can always cut it for a raw hem or get them tailored if you need to.



JEANS | Zara


BOOTS | Aldo

BAG | Mango


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