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Why Sunglasses Are the Ultimate Street Accessory


There are a few fashion accessory staples that are must-haves for all fashion gurus . From head to toe, these accessories are absolutely crucial when building any street style wardrobe. There is a cardinal accessory that is too often over-looked; uber chic sunglasses. Every style maven knows never to leave the house without a pair of sunnies to complete the look. Sunglasses are just as crucial as dainty gold rings and the staple Chanel handbag. There is one brand in particular that has delicious sunglasses for all to adorn any outfit with: LINDBERG.


LINDBERG is a brand in particular that all dedicated fashionistas should own at least one pair of sunglasses from. This Danish company completely took the eyewear industry by storm in the 1980s, revolutionizing design and they haven't stopped since! The exquisite attention to detail and classic elegance of their designs go unrivaled. Their sunglasses are only customizable, and exceptionally crafted. The expertise on discreet elegance completely ensconces the entire Sun Collection which is maddeningly well done.
Ever the innovators, the LINDBERG brand is constantly crafting collections of tastefully bold designs that will stay current and impeccably gorgeous for years to come. The frames are always sturdy, but light as air and perfect for all seasons. By combining that kind of quality and chic design LINDBERG has earned its place amongst the gods of the fashion accessory world.

The bespoke sunglasses in the new LINDBERG Sun Collection are a total mastery of chic elegance meeting impeccable craftsmanship. These sunglasses are hingeless wonders that fit the face like a caress. Built from titanium, these glasses are robust and durable while still sporting that chic minimalist appeal. My favorite from the LINDBERG Sun Collection are a range of subtle (yet striking) round lenses and alluring cat-eye shapes which are all an essential to any street style outfit. There are so many different shapes and styles to choose from but these two shapes would be my first choices.

The round lenses in the LINDBERG line are the perfect addition to any vintage inspired, classic look. They top off any street style outfit with a hint of oh so, effortlessly, cool and stylish. These make a perfect day-to-day companion to your outfits whether you are just strolling in the park or living it up in the spring, at a festival.

The bold and alluring cat-eye design surrounded by the delicate accents of some of their sunglasses in the collection are absolutely stunning. These are the perfect sunglasses for those who want to make a bold statement and add a touch of glam to their outfit. The minimal, delicate design keeps these pairs of sunglasses exquisite and timeless.

No matter which pair of sunglasses from LINDBERG you wear, they are sure to be incredibly gorgeous. The Sun collection pieces are absolute trend-setters and instantly iconic. You can't go wrong with a pair; they are luxury, class, and artistry all bundled into one perfect package. No matter if they are worn on the face, draped on the neckline, or playfully set atop the head, stylish women everywhere are making sure that they have donned their sunglasses before walking out the door. LINDBERG sunglasses are an obvious statement-making addition to any outfit.

Which pair do you like most?