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Whether you go for a holiday, for camping, or even to the beach, the thing that we never miss carrying is a towel. Of course, you have endless choices as far as this piece of fabric is concerned, but the one that s gaining more and more popularity these days is the Turkish towel.

What is this Turkish towel?

Also known as peshtemal, a Turkish towel is unique to Turkey and was originally used to cover the body in a Turkish bath or hammam. Nowadays, they are popular almost everywhere. They are used in the gym and yoga classes, and travelers love carrying it with them no matter where they go. However, the one place they are best used is at the beach, and in fact, they are proving to be a perfect alternative to the regular beach towels.

Why are peshtemals used in place of regular beach towels?

The first and most important quality of the Turkish peshtemals is great absorbency. When in the beach you need something that not only helps pat you dry but also itself dries fast so that you can pack it in your bag and get going. This is exactly what peshtemals offer and something that regular ones do not.

.Some people may find regular beach towels very sticky but the peshtemals are extremely light and soft on your skin.

Thirdly, compared to the regular ones, peshtemals are very light in weight, way lighter compared to the regular ones, and naturally while going to the beach you want your bag to be as light in weight as possible.

Last but not least, peshtemals are available in many different colors and styles, so for those who want to look super stylish a the beach, this certainly is their best option.



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