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Why New Years Resolutions Are Pointless .


It’s the first days of the year, and one thing that most people are focused on is New Year resolutions. Some of these involve weight loss, money and better relationships among other wishes. The idea is that people are starting on a fresh slate and raring to make this year different than others that have come before it.

Well, while it’s great to push ourselves to do better every year, the truth is New Year resolutions are a waste of time. They often set us up for spectacular failures that cause us to feel worthless which we are not! We are great humans that can change our lives for the better anytime and not just at the beginning of each year.


There are reasons that we do not achieve the “new me – new goals” we set for ourselves at the beginning of each year.

1. Just because you start working on a goal at the beginning of a year is no guarantee that you will achieve it. You can succeed at anything, anytime. All you need is the focus, a plan, and consistent action.


2. January comes after a time of lots of partying and bad decisions leading to what we call the January blues. Most people are basically at the lowest point in their approach to life because of too much partying during the holidays. It’s one of the worst times to start on a new plan, and it’s better to focus on getting back to your pre-holiday routine first.

3. The fact that cash is always low at the beginning of the year; mainly due to bad decisions we make during these times, also puts a lot of strain on us. So it’s not a great time to start putting pressure on yourself to get fit, live on a budget or make new friends because you are most likely to fall off the wagon and feel worse about yourself.

4. Most likely it took a long time for you to adapt your bad habits. Then know that it will take the same amount of time if not more to get rid of the bad and adopt the good. So keep in mind that most of the things you want cannot happen in a short time and may even take more than a year.


Get smart!

With all these setbacks in mind, the best thing to do is to dump the resolutions at the beginning of the year and choose a smart path to achieving what you want. It means making smart goals that are specific, measurable, attainable and realistic as well as time sensitive.


A smart goals approach requires you to give yourself adequate time to achieve what it is you want. Also, you are forced to make realistic milestones and get specific about what you want to attain while keeping in mind the drawbacks such as falling off the wagon or suffering withdrawal symptoms from breaking bad habits.

It’s a more reliable game plan to get what you want rather than making resolutions and hoping you achieve them by the end of the year. So why don’t you get started on your smart goal plan today!



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