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Wash & Go | How often should you shampoo your hair?


Is there really a rule when it comes to washing hair? Until recently, we’ve known we need to wash our hair regularly ( about 3 times a week). But the truth is, there is no "real" answer.

The fact is we all have different scalps and hair. Some people can go a week or two between shampoos, some people do it every day, others people are completely anti-washing and just use natural rinses instead. It's totally about your own comfort level. People with fine hair wash it every day and feel guilty about washing too much, and people with coarse hair don't wash it very often and feel like they're gross or something. But both are completely reasonable territory to be in, provided the shampoo you're using is quality and not stripping your hair or causing buildup. For my dry, coarse hair, I only shampoo about once a week ( and can extend it to 10 days if I use dry shampoo in between ). I avoid washing the ends and just let the suds run down when rinsing and then I follow up with conditioner. I think the trick is to find a shampoo, conditioner, and a cocktail of products that balances your scalp and hair. I'm currently trying out this new Wash & Go shampoo and conditioner and so far my hair is fine with it.

Bottom line: experiment and do what's best for YOUR hair.

How often do you wash your hair?