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The Chic Beach Towel That’s Instgram Perfect


Ever heard of Studio Materiality? A company that started with a bang after creating some of the most stylish beach towels around. It was formed in 2016 with “a place made of fan” ideals.

If you are planning to visit some pools or beaches this summer for some water adventure, then there is one thing that you can’t miss, a chic beach towel. More so, you are going to post the vacation photos on Instagram and one of the ways to avoid posting boring pictures is by adding some style to them using a stylish towel.

Absorption power

When compared these towels to regular ones, Studio Materiality's stylish towels boost of great ability to absorb water. Whether you have sweat or water, you can quickly dry your body using such a towel. Added bonus: they're tres chic!


Besides being stylish, they are very comfy due to their softness. So, while relaxing, you can roll it around a pillow or use it as a bed topper to enhance your comfort.

Compliments your style

When you go shopping, don’t forget to buy a stylish chic towel that adds style to your other beach outfits like swimming suits. The towels can be matched to any person's preferences of your liking.

Depending on the type of cover or the color you adore, you can choose from a variety of color styles. Some color designs are meant to brighten your mood while others to give you a sense of peace while relaxing.