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Pre-Travel Anxiety And What To Do About It


Traveling has always presented exciting opportunities for me. Unfortunately, for a long time, pre-travel anxiety became an issue that kept me from enjoying and being excited about the whole process of. traveling. 

If you have been feeling the same way, you are not alone. Here are 4 tips that helped me in dealing with pre-travel anxiety:


Plan ahead gradually

There is nothing worse than a looming last minute packing. I found out that spreading my travel preparations over a few weeks or months made the whole process more bearable for me. I kept a running documentation of everything that I wanted to pack and this minimized my chances of forgetting important things. It is best to handle all tedious tasks such as booking transportation or making hotel reservations ahead of time. This ensured that all aspects of my trip were well-covered.

Research your destination

Are you going to Bali? Great! Where in Bali? Researching about my destination always gave me the opportunity to find out the places that I had to visit and roughly map my journey. This will also allow you to learn about your travel destination, its culture, the people, the food and how to get around. Needless to say, a little preparation always goes a long way. Research will always get you excited for the journey ahead.

Do not over plan

My pre-travel anxiety often got the best of me, especially because I often felt the need to over-plan. However, I realized that drawing up a declaration that dictates everything I would do on my trip only made me more nervous. As I went on numerous trips, I realized that travel plans do not always go according to their design. All you need to do is embrace anything that your trip may bring. Feel secure in whatever your destination has to offer.

Deal with your anxiety

Even with all these pre-anxiety travel tips, you may still feel anxious. This is okay because it is hard to banish anxiety completely; it is a process that takes time. Remember, constantly batting your anxiety will make you more anxious. Acknowledge the problem but do not let it dictate how you live.The more you travel, the more confident you will become. Pre-travel anxiety may affect you but do not let it dictate your life. The act of traveling in itself is the best way to conquer your anxiety. How do I feel about my upcoming trip? Well, I am very excited but I guess it is normal to be a bit anxious too.



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