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10 Things you realize on your birthday


Wow, today is your birthday! You get up, you are happy and you celebrate life. But what do you actually think on the end of the day?! Here are 10 things I realised on the day of my birthday:


1. You are one year older! It doesn't sound that bad when you are 18,19,20 years old, but later it becomes to sound more and more scarier.
2. Later you realise that - age is just a number! That one day doesn't change much, you look the same as the day before your birthday, so that number means pretty much nothing. Only with age come fewer restrictions and much more responsibilities.
3. You realise who truly cares about you! Your parents and siblings won't ever forget it, but others? On this day you will realise who can go in the same category with your loved ones, and who is just a visitor in your life.
4. You realise who really matters to you! There are those who you want to be with you on this day and those people are the people who really matters to you.
5. You realise how much one small gesture can be meaningful! You don't have to get expensive presents for your birthday, just small things and the fact someone remembers this day, means a world to you.
6. You realise that every single day holds the same significance to you, if you want that! Every day is special! Every minute can be amazing!
7. On your birthday you realise that you are a special person, not because people remember your birthday (or see it on Facebook), it is because you have courage and you are brave enough to live the life you want!
8. You also realise that you haven't done much of those last year's decisions, so you try to make a new list. And you promise to yourself, this year you will change you all want in your life!
9. In the end of the day, you realise that this day is like any other day. It passes so quickly, that you are not aware until the end that is actually your day. Sometimes there is too much fuss about it and you don't get a proper chance to enjoy it!
10. And finally, no matter how old are you, you are never too old for a great birthday cake!!!

A special thank you to ma girl Gogo for a beautiful birthday surprise. I had gone for some amazing brunch at her veggie/vegan,  sugar free, gluten free restaurant ( Wild in the City-see here) and she surprised me with this cute tart ( with creme made out of coconut sugar, and its base from almond powder and coconut flour 😀 ) Sound delicious cause it is!



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