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How to nail the Geometric look


Be it circles, triangles, lines, polygons, angels or lines, geometric prints are fun and peculiar to put on. When it comes to fashion and styling, geometrical prints need to be carefully put to bring out the best out of a particular outfit. If they are not done stylishly, they can end up messing you up. In this article, we look at the right way of sporting geometric prints that will leave many people smirking right at your outfit. Read on to learn more.

The first rule of wearing geometrical prints is avoiding mixing many disagreeable patterns.

Trying to match up many patterns will make you have a look of a psychedelic mess. Simply go for a simple monochrome bottom and pair it up with a crowded visual top. You can also go for a detailed bottom and a plain top. In case you want to wear a colored geometric print, pick another one color of that similar outfit to help blow some life into the other half of your palette.

The second rule is considering your weight.

If you have some more weight on your hips, then geometrical aesthetics will influence how your body looks. In this case, you should opt for tops that are geometrically printed to help balance your figure, while a bottom highlighted by the print will draw away the attention from the hips.

Your height should also dictate the type of Geometrical Prints you wear.

For those who may be disadvantaged by their tall height, you should go for geometrized dresses that will draw attention to the trunk of your body. By choosing heavily geometrized dresses you could have successfully cut off some inches of your height. If you are tiny go for patterns that are vertically oriented and pick on a similar print for maxi dresses. This length in dresses also overwhelms persons with medium height as well.




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