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Glow | Why Body Oils Are The Best For Dry Winter Skin

Most people tend to be lazy when it comes to skincare in the summer as sunburns are the only pressing concern. During the hot season, regular moisturizers do a fine job in taking care of our skin as we sweat the heat out. However, when winter creeps in, dry flaky skin become the order of the day. As the season changes so should our skincare habits. Recent research has proved that body oils are a healthier option to lotions during the cold weather

Even though moisturizers keep the skin hydrated, healthy, and reduce signs of aging, it is no secret that many of them contain substantial amounts of petroleum by-products and synthetic chemical that can seriously harm our skin in the future. Oils, however, are made from various natural ingredients that are known to effectively prevent the evaporation of moisture while protecting the skin’s lipid barrier at the same time. These ingredients are commonly sourced from castors, sweet almonds, sunflower seeds, coconuts, avocados, apricots, and grape seeds.

The use of body oils has become very popular due to the numerous benefits that are attributed to them. Firstly, oils have a superior ability to hold moisture. The presence of vitamins, antioxidants, and various essential fatty acids enable them to offer an effective anti-aging solution. You  also don’t need  to worry about clogged pores during the cold weather. With skin-related problems always increasing during winter, the high level of nutrients and presence of antioxidants in body oils are a sure way of keeping your skin looking young, beautiful and glowing.