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Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser & Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste | Review

Let’s just start by saying that my obsession with Aesop is getting real! The only product by Aesop that I had tried till now was the Parsley Seed Antioxidant Moisturizer which has become a staple in my beauty routine. They don’t carry Aesop products where I live, so I thought my trip to Copenhagen would be the perfect opportunity to stock up on some of their goodies. I was initially only gonna try their face cleanser but I ended up splurging on the face scrub too. After using the two for a few weeks now here’s what I think:

Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser

I have oily skin and most cleansers I have used for oily skin tend to totally strip off any moisture ( and oil of course ) from my skin making it really really dry.This cleanser lathers into light foam upon contact with water and cleanses the skin without leaving it feeling tight. The bonus point is it comes heavenly scented with ylang ylang and orange oil which lends a nice touch. After trying Aesop’s face cleanser I could definitely feel a difference on my skin. It no longer feels dry after. It’s more soft and supple ( moisture preserved ) but at the same time not oily. So it does an excellent job at cleansing and keeping moisture. Now the not-so-good. It’s overpriced. I mean 40 euros for a face cleanser? Sure, it might be 200ml and do a great job but still…. Personally, I am very pleased with it so regardless of the price I will be repurchasing. Oh! I forgot to mention that it comes in a glass bottle ( they give you a pump as an extra once you buy the bottle ) which might be a problem if you’re clumsy. I would recommend to not use it in the shower as it can be slippery and drop….and break of course.

Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

Ok, for this one let’s start with the negatives. This paste smells terrible. Like a herbal-y smell but a bad one. It’s not overbearing though. Now to the good part. It does a pretty decent job at scrubbing. I occasionally get chemical peels to clear up my skin and after the peels my skin gets all flaky. It has a creamy base but is quite grainy without being harsh ( it contains quartz particles). Gives me real exfoliation without tearing at my skin and it feels baby smooth afterwards.The results have been amazing- smoother skin, brighter skin and smoother makeup application.

This is another overpriced product retailing at about 40 euros for 75ml. I’m not gonna complain though. I’ve splurged on more expensive beauty products that don’t do anything for my skin.

What I would recommend if you’re going to try Aesop products , is to ask for samples first before buying. Test them and then see it they work for you.