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5 Reasons to add a bold pop of color in your wardrobe


As the weather gets colder we tend to gravitate to darker colors and often it results in gloomy outfits ( I'm an exception. I wear dark colors no matter what season it is 🙂 ). Sometimes a vibrant pop of color is a must to brighten up your look. Here are 5 reasons why a splash of color is the answer to your problems:

  1. Adding lively colors can actually lift your mood.Colors have always been strongly linked to affecting mood. Darker colors are often associated with more negative reactions as opposed to " happy brighter" colors.
  2. It will make you stylishly stand out. Imagine if most people around you are dressed head to toe in dark colors and then there's you with that pop of red or turquoise or yellow. You'll definitely get positive attention.
  3.  Why limit yourself to one color? Try something different, especially in winter when you can layer up in different pieces. And if you're like me who's  wardrobe is 70% black it's the only way for me to wear color without feeling weird.
  4. Bold contrast. Injecting a bold color to an all black outfit looks amazing. It takes it from mmmm,okay,nice  to wow-eye popping!
  5. It's a conversation starter. Can't tell you how many people have asked me about my pretty turquoise heels so far. It's the first thing they notice when talking to me. 




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