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Mix n’ Match | Warm n’ Cool

Making your wardrobe match can sometimes be the most tricky part of your day leaving your mornings in chaos or making you have the best mornings possible. As annoying as it is, there are lots of so-called “rules” when it comes fashion—we can’t wear white Labor Day, women over 40 can’t wear short skirts, and mixing gold and silver jewelry is a faux pas. In this “anything goes” fashion era, rules are definitely made to be broken. When it comes to certain colors, mixing and matching is what will really make he outfit stand out. Today’s post is about mixing warmer and cooler tones.



While my outfit looks like it’s in perfect harmony, if you asked someone whether grey ( cool toned ) and beige ( warm toned ) go together, I’m guessing their answer would be “no”.  The truth is “conflicting” colors can look great together. It all depends on the intensity of the color. For example in my outfit I’m wearing grey + beige which are considered neutrals despite the fact that one is cool ( grey ) and the other warm ( beige ).


You just have to pay attention to the shades of the colors you are wearing. There are lighter greys, darker greys, lighter beige and darker towards brown.


If you feel too mismatched throw in a third “neutral”  color that will balance the look. In my case my white trousers did the trick.

In any case, color is subjective and there are no rules when it comes to fashion. Experiment with your style and find what works for you.



COAT | Zara



BOOTS | Public Desire


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  • .i love those metallic shoes!!

  • sooooo nice boots, in every outfit you put


  • Kamila

    There is power! You look great in this set!

  • So amazing colour combination!! I love the dark grey combined with light shades. And those boots are really perfect for this outfit. You look stunning!

  • Keren Cuadras

    This look is so simple and minimal yet it expresses so much! Love it!
    xx Keren

  • I’m actually talking about this in today’s post, too! I was putting together an all-pink outfit and sharing strategies to make it more approachable. In looking at my outfit photos, I realized I was wearing all cool tones and wondered how incorporating warmer elements might have changed the look. And here you are doing it! I also like the mix of matte and shiny and rich combination of textures.


  • Laura

    You look so chic! Love that coat!

  • Love how you brilliantly blended the warm and cool – and you look gorgeous top to toes. Thanks for linking up, xo


  • Talyssa Soto

    Love how you’ve balanced the neutrals in this post! Great look!

    The Hidden Thimble

  • I’m really loving this outfit combination especially those ankle boots, they’re fire!

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