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Spring Fever


Hey loves!

Missed me? It's been a while since I last posted. The truth is I had been feeling overwhelmed with work and life and decided it was best to just take a small break, pull myself together and resume. Am I they only one that feels like this when spring begins? I searched a little about this and found out that it's actually called Spring Fever and you are either feeling restless and excited at the beginning of spring or like me listless, uninspired and lazy. I guess it's not just the weather that transitions, it's also our mood......and of course our wardrobe. Today's outfit is monochrome chic with a touch or edginess ( due to the millions of studs on my jacket lol ). The dress itself would be great on its own but too simple for my taste so to take it to the next level, I paired it with this rad cropped jacket and my latest obsession which is clear booties with fishnet socks. No look is complete without accessories so I finished it off with the sexiest cat eye sunnies.



DRESS | Combo Knitwear

BOOTIES | Quanticlo

FISHNET SOCKS | Calzedonia

SUNNIES | Lindberg


Stay Chic, Stay Glam


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