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How I Detox after the holidays- You can too.

Summer's over. You are back to base, relaxed, ready to return to your schedule with your batteries fully charged. But what about your diet? When I say "diet" I mean your eating habits. We all know that in summer it's hard to stick to a "healthy" way of eating. Like seriously, when you're on summer vacay you're bound to consume more alcohol that you normally do ( yeah, I'm talking about the late night beach parties, clubs, bars), there's no way you'll say no to ice-cream ( sugar, sugar and more sugar) and exercise is almost non-existent ( unless you are those type of people that swim for hours at the beach).


There are a number of ways to get your healthy eating routine back on track. So why don't you start introducing a soft and easy detox routine into your lifestyle. Here's what I do to get rid of the "summer toxins".

  1. Water. Most important thing ever.Increasing your water intake will help flush out toxins from your body.
  2. Start exercising again. Even 15 minutes of a workout will do at first.
  3. Grapefruit. After drinking water first thing in the morning, I follow with grapefruit juice 10 minutes later.It makes a great alkaline breakfast suggestion. Alkaline foods help our bodies cope with the acidic refined choices we consume like sugar, white flour and processed meats.
  4. Detox baths. I did one the other day. I mixed Epsom bath salts with my Michael Kors bath beads ( for the aroma) and indulged in a cleansing bath.
  5. I replaced my coffee with some green tea (matcha). It is known that green tea is a great way to boost your overall health and get the antioxidants you need each day. I will keep drinking it instead of coffee for a couple of weeks.


Lastly, just stock up your fridge with healthy greens and fruits!


Stay Chic, Stay Glam