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Morning Rush: Tips to getting dressed quickly in the morning

Untitled Infographic (3)IMG_7450blueWe’ve all been there no matter how organized we are. When the alarm clock maybe doesn’t go off or no matter what we do there just isn’t enough time to put a decent outfit together.

The good thing is that looking like a disaster in the morning (and being super late) is totally preventable!

Here are a few tips to help with that “morning rush”:

1.Pick an outfit the night before.I can’t stress enough how much time this will save you.I always decide what I am going to wear before I go to sleep.

2.Organize your wardrobe.Clutter and a messy wardrobe can really stress you up in the morning.Besides,who likes waking up to a mess? Divide your clothes:skirts with skirts,shirts with shirts,trousers with trousers…you get the point.

3.Have your bag already packed.This is something that has slowed me down countless times.When you are all ready,good to go and then…your bag isn’t prepared for the day.Next thing you find yourself running around trying to pack your things…and then you’re late once again!

4.Check the weather forecast the night before.This way you know exactly what to wear.

5.If you want to accessorize with jewelry, then separate all your jewelry items and keep them organized.Nothing is more annoying than having to un-knot tangled chains.

6.If you still can’t decide what to wear,go will total black #teamallblackeverything.

Hope these tips help!



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