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Military Chic


The military uniform has always been a symbol of power, patriotism and might. Many designers have often used it as a source of inspiration for their collections ( hello Balmain !). There's something authoritative about this look that can give your outfit a powerful aura.Gold button details ,tailored jackets, cargo pants, lots of pockets and shades ranging from olive green to khaki and charcoal are a few distinguishable characteristics of the military chic style. Going military all the way is too much, so the goal is to mix it with other styles.


You can pair a strong military jacket with a simple dress like I did in today's OOTD and add an extra feminine touch with high heeled boots. This way you get the hard utilitarian edge but still maintain a feminine silhouette.If you are beginner start out with military inspired accessories like hats, belts shoes.The military-chic look is easy to pull off, as long as you use only one piece at a time. Go overboard and people might mistake you for the real deal.



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SUNNIES | Han Kjobenhavn


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