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11 Struggles Fashion Bloggers can relate to


1.Let's start with the one most (if not all) of us face: 

         -"What job do you do?"

Me: " I'm a fashion blogger."

* Gives you an awkward stare*

Me: " Yes, that's a real job. Blogging for a living exists." *Major eye roll*.

People do not understand your life when you say you work as a fashion blogger.

 2. Location, location, location. Okay this might not apply to those that live in dream cities such as Paris, New York or London but this is one of the things I struggle most with. Finding a suitable (and different) location for each shoot is a pretty daunting task. I hate recycling backgrounds but if you live in a small city, there's only so much you can do.

3. When people steal photos either from your Instagram or your blog and don't give credit. This really pisses me the fuck off .

4. This should come in pair with the location mentioned above but it's such a problem that I will list it as a struggle on its own. So you have found the perfect location right? Your photographer is ready to start shooting, then a bunch of people start showing up. I mean seriously guys? The worst are the ones that just stay there on purpose to watch the whole shoot. As I model it's something I'm used to but sometimes I just want to work without being stared at.

5. Not having enough space for your clothes (and shoes). I get clothes delivered about 3 times a week. Like, the delivery guy knows me now. I went from having my clothes in a wardrobe to turning a spare room into a walk-in closet because I ran out of space. Looks like I will soon need another one of those IKEA clothing rails.

6. The rainy days. You've dressed up, your makeup is on fleek ( you even put eyelashes on ) and then it starts raining. You wait it out a couple of hours but it's still raining. What a waste of a day.

7. Insufficient Ambient Light. Lighting is everything!

8. Stressing out for quality content. Putting up a post is not as easy as it seems. There's a lot of hard work put in for what you're seeing.

9. The photographer. Now I'm lucky to have a personal photographer following me around most of the time so I won't complain. I'm just pointing out that having a photographer around is the most important element of being a fashion blogger. Blogger friends have told me that sometimes their friends or family take the shots. If I asked my brother to do this, first he'd say no way and if he would agree the pictures would turn out blurry.

10. Companies asking you to do things for free. This one needs a blog post of its own, like seriously. 

11. The cost of maintaining a blog. Everything from the domain, hosting, web design, photographer, new clothes, makeup...all this ain't cheap y'all.

What are some of the things you struggle with as a blogger?



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