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How to become a morning person (it’s weirdly easy)

There are people that feel more comfortable in the morning, and there are those that feel like the night is their time. There is no rule because everyone is different, but you can understand that waking up in the morning is a lot healthier for you and your sleep. Science has proven that the perfect regeneration of our body is during 10 pm and 8 am.


The first thing you can do is to reduce the number of activities you are performing in the evening. We are living in a fast world, but respect yourself and leave an hour in the evening completely empty. This way you will have time to relax and to prepare yourself for sleep.

Break your snooze button addiction. Hitting the snooze button actually makes you even more tired than if you had forced yourself to get up the first time the alarm rang.How can you do that? Prep everything you need the night before. This way you won’t have to rush to get everything done in the morning. Every minute you spend at night prepping for the next morning buys you at least one more minute of sleep. Something else that helps is putting your alarm clock far enough from your bed that you’ll need to take a few steps to reach it.

Always have a glass of water ready on your nightstand.While you sleep, your body slowly becomes dehydrated because it needs fluid to operate. Drink a glass of water. Water fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain fuel.

One of the best things in the morning is the Sun. There is nothing better than a sight of a beautiful, sunny day that just waits for you. Your morning grumpiness will be reduced if you open your window shields and let the sun rays to wake you up.In the winter most days are pretty lousy weather wise, so you can invest in a wake-up light. This provides a more pleasant and natural way to wake up in the morning by gradually increasing the light.


Have a large and healthy breakfast in the morning. During the sleep, the level of sugar in our body is really low, and that’s why a lot of fruits, calcium and proteins in your breakfast are the right thing to resurrect you from the dead, and to prepare you for a productive day.Have your coffee 15 minutes after breakfast.

The morning is a wonderful part of the day, and you can organize some morning rituals. For example, your ritual can be reading newspapers while drinking coffee, or listening to music while eating your breakfast. Take your time and do something nice for yourself so your day can be productive and pleasant.

Last but not least… exercising in the morning can be really difficult, because you are all sleepy and grumpy, and the thought of physical activity can just make you want to go back in the bed. However, every start is hard, and after a couple of weeks you will feel that a day without morning exercises are not complete. The scientists have proven that exercising before breakfast burn more calories than exercising after breakfast, so this can be your motivation.

Hope these tips help!