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De-clutter and de-compress | How to quickly Spring Clean your closet


It's that wonderful time of year again. Birds are singing, the atmosphere is glowing, and it's time to de-clutter and de-compress! Yes, it is time to create space for the new energies of spring, growth, and fruit to bear. One of the best ways to do this, of course a major closet clean-out for an uplifting, deep clean. Now before you see 'Sugar Honey Iced Tea' roll off the tongue, breathe and remember that feeling of relief and ecstasy when it's all over. Keep this in mind and let the warrior within prepare for victory.

First prep. This can take some time depending on when the last clean out was. Set aside between 2-5 hours or more to be completely present with the process. Make sure your music playlists are ready to go. Enjoying music whether calming or grooving during clean-out can make this more playful and light.

Then, take everything from the closet and plunge it right onto your bed, or company couch. This keeps us motivated to finish the job. Thoughts like 'Why did I buy this in the first place I never wear it,' or 'I can' tell if this looks ugly or not' or 'I feel so frustrated I have to do this right now,' let this all go. Try not to judge your thoughts but just see what comes in and out. Breathe and continue.

After everything is on the couch or bed, sweep, mop, dust, and wipe down all the faces inside. 'AH'.

Next, take everything that is on your bed and sort into four piles.

-First pile: These are your favorites, what you love to wear and feel amazing wearing it.

-Second pile: This pile contains the clothes you tend to squint at with an upward/downward smile kind of thing. This is the I don't know pile (We love these, it's so humorous).

-Third pile: Clothes in mint-good condition that you have had your time with and can let go, ready to bless others with.

-Finally, the fourth pile: These clothes are in poor condition, worn too many times, and with too many experiences you're really ready to never experience again.

Toss everything from the fourth pile into the garbage that is in poor condition and nobody else would wear it for the life of them. Next, take the clothes in the donation pile, put it in a garbage bag or special donate bag/box. Give thanks for how they have served you and bring this somewhere that is far out of reach, out of site. With the third pile get silly! Ask 'Would I want to see myself in this if I just met me?' Immediate discard the 'nope, I'm good' clothes into the donate bag and give thanks again. Fold the keepers and store in first pile. Finally fold, organize, and sort clothes according to your preference. Examples include organizing by color, most worn, categories such as clothes on hangers, business, casual, gym, etc. Or shirts on one side, pants on the other, lighter clothes on this side and warmer clothes on the other. It's all up to you, as this is your sacred space your treasurable life!

C'est La Vie! Awesome work! Enjoy the newfound sense of style, clean well-being and orgasmic spaciousness, relax and soak it in!

If your really feeling high and classy, if you have a partner in your life, perhaps set another day/time to work on his closet. We all know girlfriends and wives know what looks good and what doesn't, even the torn and tattered underwear and socks are screaming let me go! If you be so daring, repeat the process and have fun dressing him with taste, style, and love. Divide into four piles and organize intuitively how would he do it (If he actually did it)? He'll appreciate it and he'll be feeling better about not seeing a mess when there doesn't have to be one.

Hope these tips help!