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Cool Mint

Mint. This color resembles freshness, the cool summer breeze. It is a mix of blue and green, sometimes darker and sometimes lighter. It's worn mostly in Spring/Summer and it's guaranteed to make an amazing effect on your look.


I'm back in the city.Well, just for a little while. I'll be off island hopping again in no time 🙂

It's about time I did a fashion post. With traveling and moving around all the time it's kinda hard to do one. Today's look has a refreshing splash of minty green.Mint is one of my favorite colors (even though I don't wear it as much anymore). I remember when Essie's Mint Candy Apple nail polish came out I was so obsessed, I wore that color on my nails all the time. Then I started buying mint trousers, shoes bags, suddenly everything in my closet was mint! My obsession eventually died out but it still remains one of my favorite colors.

As a summer color, mint is great, but too much of it can be a bit minty fresh in overload. I wore my mint skirt with black to create a more sharp and contrasting look. By choosing black, I'm letting all the focus be at the skirt. It's impressive laser cut pattern makes it more than enough to be the centerpiece of my look.



SKIRT | Cut Cuutur ( Shop Here)

BODYSUIT | Pull & Bear ( Shop Here)

SHOES | Migato ( Shop Here)

BAG | Michael Kors


Stay Chic,Stay Glam