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THE TERM “ANDROGYNY” COMES from the Latin “androgyne,” a combination of the ancient Greek word-stem for man, andr-, and gyne, meaning woman.Androgynous style, suggests a spirit of reconciliation between both sexes.When it comes to this fashion I like to think of it as effortless tomboy chic. 

Pieces of clothing/shoes to incorporate into this style are:

  • Oxfords/Brogues
  • Boyfriend anything:whether jeans,t-shirts,blazers
  • Pleated Trousers
  • Oxford Shirts
  • Waistcoats


Remember this style requires a minimal approach.Less is more

I gave my androgynous look a different twist.I’m still wearing the basic pieces such as my brogues and waistcoat but I opted for high waisted jeans and a crop top to kinda balance out the look and not make it look “too masculine”.


IMG_3993   IMG_4034   IMG_4012   IMG_4003   IMG_4066   IMG_4073   IMG_4010   IMG_4024


BAG-Michael Kors


WAISTCOAT-Old but you can find a similar one from H&M



Stay Chic,Stay Glam