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Cozy feeling

Winter is finally here! To be honest I’m mostly excited about the switch from no coat, light jackets, light dressing to wrapping myself up in thick scarves,big cozy jumpers,boots of all kinds.Oh! I forgot HOT CHOCOLATE and mulled wine..All the different winter spices just take me to Winter Wonderland. Going back to wardrobes, I’m so happy with my new coat from Zara.It is just perfect for the freezing temps(super warm) but at the same time it is uber stylish: grey,oversized and beautiful texture.I know in the photos it looks like it not oversized but in reality it is chunky.I got it in the size XS because S was a little “too” oversized. IMG_6343   IMG_6323   IMG_6442   IMG_6364   IMG_6381   IMG_6413   IMG_6420   IMG_6414


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