The Oversized Knit

February 5, 2016 by Chic Glam Style - 49 Comments

There's nothing comfier than cozying up in big, chunky, cuddly sweaters. Typically worn on a Sunday morning ( at home along with your hot coffee, laptop and messy hair) this snuggly, large clothing can be fashionable in the streets too. There are a few ways to get the look just right:

-Cinch your waist. Ok, let's be honest. Anything over sized tends to make you look shapeless. You can accentuate and define your waist by wearing a belt.

-Skinny pants and leggings always look great paired with a slouchy, over sized sweater. Tuck it in for a slightly less over sized appearance.

-Wear it with a pencil skirt. A sleek form fitting pencil skirtΒ creates a nice balancing effect that grabs the attention from your heavy knit.

-Alone as a dress. If it's long enough it will look incredibly hot along with tights or over the knee socks.

-Jeans. Any jeans. Over sized knits look laid back and chic when worn with denim.

Styling tip: pull your sweater from one side to expose one of your shoulders. This gives your look a sexy touch.

What's your favorite way of pulling this trend?

[PHOTOS: N.Koukoulakis/RGM]

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