Sunday Brunch

November 22, 2015 by Chic Glam Style - 15 Comments

Untitled Infographic (6)pomegranate cake

WHAT I ATEOne of the things I love doing ( and should do more often) on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday morning is brunch with my girls to do some catching up. This time we decided to go to Zuccherino, a cute patisserie/cafe in Athens that makes both sweet and salty dishes.Although I’m not a sweet-tooth (I rarely eat sweets or anything sugary) , I did have the most delicious crepe ever along with my regular  cappuccino. I also tried their pomegranate cake and strawberry mille feuille which were really nice.For those of you visiting or living in Athens,I would highly recommend you try their sweets n’ cakes (address at the end of the post).

WHAT I WORE | Simple yet sophisticated, I styled my over sized, chunky grey knit with a grey bodycon skirt, military style, chunky heeled booties and minimal accessories.



IMG_9561lemon pie and a greek sweet called “Babas”IMG_9788




KNIT & SKIRT | Old (Shop Similar Here) 

BOOTIES | Migato (Shop Here)

LONG NECKLACE | Dyrberg Kern ( Shop Here)


Zuccherino Address:

Πρωτέως & Σειρήνων (Proteos & Sirinon)
Π. Φάληρο (P. Faliro)
T 210 9830 869

Aγίου Aλεξάνδρου & Nαϊάδων (Ag.Alexandrou & Naiadon)
Π. Φάληρο (P.Faliro)
T 210 9830 049


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