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April 7, 2014 by Chic Glam Style - 12 Comments

Hi guys! I wanted to do something different for my blog so I thought  sportswear! I will be posting a sportswear outfit series starting from today(there will be a total of 4 outfits) and will be talking a little bit about my favorite exercises.

On a previous post one of my readers asked me what I do to get fit. Besides the obvious eating healthy part, I also exercise. I am a Pilates and Yoga  fanatic so I do those regularly but I also walk alot. Another form of working out that I do is cycling.

Let’s talk about Pilates today.Pilates besides being a fun exercise, also has many benefits.Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on using both the mind and body to achieve optimum performance.  The deep stabilizing muscles of the body are conditioned and strengthened using sequences of movements that use gravity, body weight and specially designed equipment as forms of resistance.  The connection between the mind and body is crucial to Pilates.  Pilates trains the mind to maintain a constant level of awareness of the way the body moves.  This results in a greater control of motion and vastly improved technique.Pilates is a fantastic way to sculpt your muscles!

I like looking cute and chic when working out so for me sportswear isn’t throwing on a pair of loose pants, a slouchy t-shirt and a cool cap. Instead I go for the fitness-chic look.



























JACKET & SHORTS-Adidas Originals Rose Pack Collection Spring ’14

SHOES-Adidas Originals Superstar II

*For my readers living in Athens,Greece: I couldn’t find any sports store in Athens that stocks this collection.The only place I found that sells this premium collection from Adidas is HERE 

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What is your favorite kind of exercise?


Stay Chic,Stay Glam