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Moxie is a website that brings a wide range of collection involving women’s hygiene. From tampons, pads to panty liners, the website has it all. Here is an insight into the entire range of products available on the website.

Moxie Organic Tampons

The organic cotton tampons have everything that keeps women in good comfort in those uncomfortable days. They are made up of good Australian cotton and skin friendly. The organic tampons come in easy to twist and open wrapper. Along with these, it is available in Super and Regular size.

Classic Tampons

The classic tampons are available in three main sizes, mini moxie, regular and super. The mini tampons are suitable for light flow, the regular for medium flow and the super for high flow. The clover shape of the tampons allows easy use without worry.

Purse Pack

The purse pack tampons are suitable for women on the go. These easily fit into the purse and suitable for travelling. The purse pack comes with 8 regular sized tampons and made up of rayon fibers with cotton strings.

Sleep over Overnight Pads

The sleepover pads are designed for protection against extra or heavy flow at night. Each pack includes 8 ultra thin pads which are extremely good absorbent and come with wings for good support. These are packaged in a box for convenient use.

Slender Pads

The slender pads are highly suitable for extremely high flow. These come in a set of 12 pads with wings where each of the pads packed separately. These are exactly suitable for daytime use and comes in a tin that fits into any purse.

Purse Packs

The purse packs are good for women who are out almost the entire day. These are available in slender pads for daytime use and sleep over overnight pads for use at night. The packs usually fit into the bag easily.

Scanty Panty Liner

The scanty panty liners are specially designed for regular use. These are extremely thin and fits into the panty easily. Each box contains 24 liners packed separately and packed into a tin that fits into any purse.

Slenders Panty Liners

The Slenders panty liners are suitable for the extra light days of the periods of for using before or after those days. These absorbent liners come in a set of 24 packed individually in a tin. It easily fits any purse or bag.

IMG_4309hnbI just love the discreet cute packaging they have!! Ladies in Greece can find Moxie at Beauty Test Box.