Mini Chic Bubbly Drink

December 20, 2015 by Chic Glam Style - 7 Comments

Christmas is nearly upon us, which means holiday drinks and cocktails are in order.Now,you can go the predictable route that involves eggnog, red wine or mulled wine.Or you can hear me out and serve drinks that people will actually want to drink.I vote for the latter.

I introduce you to Mini Chic bubbly drink.Mini Chic is a Raspberry flavoured pre-mixed cocktail, based on authentic French wine with only 6% alcohol content. Every sip reveals a story from the cosmopolitan coasts of southern France, where it was born. With a light refreshing taste, it adds a pink note to every occasion, day or night, winter or summer.This rich flavored fruity drink is certainly something delightfully different to try for the holiday season.

Add a few berries and pomegranate in the glass for a festive decoration.






Stay Chic,Stay Glam