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Makeup Misshape Tag

April 20, 2014 by Chic Glam Style - 4 Comments

This a long overdue post! Gorgeous Paola from Within My Style (check out her blog! She’s amazing!) had tagged me in the Makeup Misshape tag. Basically I have to answer some questions (no rules!) and tag 3 fellow bloggers asking the same questions! Let’s get started!


1.Have really thick shaped eyebrows or have major neck foundation line?


Thick shaped eyebrows. I have naturally thin eyebrows so I was always jealous of the people with thick eyebrows. I think they frame your eyes and they are the ones to determine your expression.When done properly, strong eyebrows alone can serve as foundation for a soft, and naturally beautiful look.The bold, thick eyebrows can draw away from dark circles, channeling a healthy glow instead.They help you look more youthful, more radiant, reflecting the effortless kind of beauty we all adore.Full brows can work for anyone, given you find the right shape and reach those perfect proportions.


2.Have chipped nailpolish or horrible faded lipstick?


I would go with chipped nailpolish. My nailpolish is often chipped so I really don’t mind it. Faded lipstick just looks horrible! Especially if you wear really bold and bright colors!



3.Have smudged all your eyemakeup or have lipstick on your teeth?


Definitely have lipstick on my teeth! Smudged eyemake up is something that can’t go unnoticed. When it comes to makeup I always,always make sure my eyes are flawless! Only if you talk someone can see lipstick on your teeth and it’s can be easily fixed. Redoing eyemakeup however isn’t as easy.



4. Overhighlight or Overpluck the eyebrows?


Overhighlight. Like I said in the first question, I love thick brows so  overplucking is a no-no for me. I always highlight my eyebrows and even at times when I thought that I had overdone it with the highlighting, nobody  really noticed it.



5.Its a typical work/school day and unfortunately your beauty products have gone missing.You can only find a few things hidden at the bottom of you makeup bag and have to use what you can find. What do you choose?


Eyebrow kit-So that whenever I feel that maybe I might have smudged my brows I could fix it on the spot.

Face Powder- I have super oily skin, so this is something I always carry around with me.



6.Unstable fake lashes or clear mascara?


This one is easy!! Obviously clear mascara! I have been in a situation where one of my lashes was coming off and it was embarrassing!



7.A foundation 5 shades too dark or 5 shades too light?


Mmm…this one is a little bit tough….I guess I would go with 5 shades darker because you can use a concealer or highlighter to it balance out.


8.You can have either a manicure or a pedicure, however the set of nails have to be bear.Which would you choose?


Pedicure. You can always hide your feet in shoes.





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