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How to achieve balance in your life


Achieving a balance between your physical and mental/emotional life is not an easy task. As such, this piece explores some tips that should guide you to achieve a perfect balance between your physical and mental/emotional life through yoga meditation. Read on to discover the physical and mental benefits of yoga meditation.

To begin with, meditation helps your parasympathetic nervous system work maximally. This is the part of the brain that helps your body relax after some threat or danger. After this part of your nervous system is activated, your body can rejuvenate and rebuild itself. People who do mediation enjoy better sleep than their counterparts who do not. For those that are active in sports/athletics, meditation helps boost their performance and training concentration. Meditation also slows respiration for longer. Meditation boosts the immune system by delaying and minimizing the production of the stress hormone called cortisol.


In the same vein, meditation also has a lot of emotional benefits. First, mediation reduces anxiety and alleviates depression. This is achieved through the balancing of the neurochemical system of your body. We all understand the benefits of critical thinking in our lives and it should be encouraging to hear that meditation boosts critical thinking and thus makes us more able to solve our problems in life. With a sense of critical thinking, you will be able to make better decisions and have better capacity to compare and contrast things. By the same token, meditation makes it possible to have better communication with oneself.

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Meditation boosts your sanity and helps you stay in the present moment. Yoga meditation ensures that you stay focused on the present and that you do not get swept away by a melancholy past or an exciting future. In this state of mind, you are able to analyze your life and make the best decisions even in the trickiest of situations.



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  • Irene

    Balance is so needed in our lives! love your post! very different!

    • Chic Glam Style

      I agree.Once we balance our minds and our bodies we will be able to fully function and give everything our very best!Thank you Irene 🙂

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