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How I stay fit and healthy

IMG_3612Now that we live in fast is not easy to find the time to exercise or even eat healthy.However it’s the little things that you do each day that add up to being healthy and fit:

Take it one step at a time.Sudden changes are often the hardest to deal with.So for example if you are used to always driving your car(even to very close distances) then you can try walking instead.I love to walk,and I always make sure to have my ipod with my playlist with me.Music always somehow motivates me when it comes to exercise.

Find an activity that you think if fun.I hate running on the treadmill so for my warm-up I cycle instead.You could even walk (fast pace).I try and do workouts that I love (yoga,cycling,lifting weights,leg exercises,pilates…)and that way I have better chances of actually doing them .

Besides exercising, lifestyle is also an important factor in staying fit and healthy.I don’t smoke but I do drink alcohol (only wine) occasionally, which is a no-no but I find that some things in moderation are not bad for you as long as the majority of your choices are mindful and healthful.

When it comes to food I am very careful of what I put into my body.For example I  avoid sugar like the plague!It’s not easy at all since most of the foods now contain sugar,even in a small percentage.Nevertheless, I always read the labels and if I see “sugar” then I put it down.If I can’t avoid it then it has be a very small amount.Junk food is something I steer away from but once in a while (rarely) I will have a slice of pizza!Remember moderation is number one.Being hydrated is crucial also so I try and drink plenty of water everyday.

Relaxation.Some people including myself feel guilty of relaxing because we often think of it as being “lazy”.Relaxing means bringing more balance to life and regrouping in order to feel good, stay healthy and enjoy life to the max.So if you need that extra sleep on Sundays then go for it!If you need to indulge yourself in some pampering like a massage or a mini getaway then do so.I often take long hot showers because they really release all the tension.Meditation is also another great way I find that reduces stress.

Always remember that a balanced life is a happy life.Take small little steps at a time and you will see positive changes in your life (mind,body and soul).




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