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Glamorous Gold & Glitter


One common misconception that “when wearing gold clothing or sequins you look tacky and cheap”.Well I’m here to tell you  that couldn’t be further from the truth.Like everything else in life fashion is also a balancing act. Let me give you a few tips for when you decide to add a little sparkle to your life 🙂

How to wear a Metallic Gold or Sequin Dress:

-Choose a Dress that compliments your body shape.

-Wear low key minimal accessories.Otherwise flashy plus flashy and you’ll end up looking like a Vegas showgirl

-Tone down hair and makeup.Same as accessories….let the dress do all the talking.

-Pair your shiny or sparkly outfit with neutrals.Whether it be shoes or a jacket, neutral elements balance out your look.

Most importantly…have Confidence! You want to turn heads and wow people, not only with the gold dress but also with the way you carry yourself.


Stay Chic,Stay Glam


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