Flash Tattoos: Summer’s Hottest Beauty trend!

June 5, 2015 by Chic Glam Style - 4 Comments

Women all over the world are donning these beautiful jewelry-inspired temporary designs, otherwise known as flash tattoos.Fun for all ages, these are perfect to wear everyday, to a party, the outdoors, events, or when ever you’re feeling like having a romantic evening! Everyone want a little glamour and flare while outside at the beach or pool, without the inconvenience of physical jewelry that can be lost or damaged. Beyonce and so many celebrities have been sporting these beauties!





These gold and silver metallic tattoos can be worn anywhere! Apply them on your feet as anklets, on your wrists as bracelets, on your arms, back, neck, fingers. Just snip them to the desired size you want and voila! Your own custom jewelry tattoo!

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