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Feline Flick:How to Do a Basic Winged Liner

Untitled Infographic (1)Such a sleek and clean look, there’s nothing more classic than the famous “cat eye”.Something about this look is alluring, sultry and when done right is super sexy. Even though this style looks easy many women,especially those who just began experimenting with makeup find it hard to master this skill.There are tons and tons of tutorials out there so the only advice I could give you is watch those videos or study those photos and practice,practice,practice…Eventually you will get the hang of it and you’ll forget those days when you were struggling to do your liner.As you may notice (pic 5), even I made a few mistakes when I did my liner but that’s not a problem!You can always correct your mistakes with a tiny bit of concealer.

New Infographicxx

After you’re done applying your liner,if there are any mistakes simply use your concealer to correct them.Then apply some mascara and if you want to take it a step further add false lashes! I forgot to take a closeup with my lashes on but you can see it in the finished look above.

On My Face:

-EYES:Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise eyeliner/Shiseido Mascara

-LIPS:MAC Ruby Woo

Hope this helps!


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