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Don’t know what to name your blog? (choosing a blog name)

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In a name there is everything. The name of your blog is the first thing visitors notice once they hear about your blog. As it is always said, the first impression is the last impression. The first message a blog name sends to visitors will determine if they like it or not. Rules followed when naming a blog are very different from those when naming a website. Blogs greatly depend on the ability and strength of the name to attract visitors. The rules below will help you in finding a high quality perfect blog name:

Understand that blogs are not websites.

Yes this might sound obvious but very few people realize this difference when it comes to naming the two. Blogs are and will remain the field of amateurs. Yes we have professionals and highly valued people in blogging but the truth is that, a large population in blogging is made of individuals trying to find way in the BlogSpot and Bloggers work outside the cultural code of publications, they are allowed to create their own identities which is in opposition to majority culture. What might be seen as offensive in naming a website may be totally acceptable when naming a blog . The following should be kept in mind when naming a blog:

Keywords are irrelevant– using a keyword rich name makes readers see your blog as a website or an old school article sources. This completely kills the real definition of a blog.

Look for thematic relevance– invest in finding the thematic relevance in your blog name rather than investing in keywords.

Length is important but not so much – with modern browsers, length is not that much considered. You can stick to two or three words maximum, which do not extend more than 20-25 characters.

Two words is good, one is better.

 A larger percentage of one word names are already taken up, purchasing one will cost you a good amount of money. To get a one word name, you must have really selected a unique one, otherwise you will have to settle for a two word domain name.

Does it pass the phone test?

After picking your blog name, call your friend and tell them about the name. If they ask more than two times to understand the name, then you have to start again in finding a new name.


Look at domain purchasing websites.If all the names you have come up with are not available in .com, do not go back to looking for new names, instead consider other extensions such as .me, .co and create unique identities.

Hope this helps.


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