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Stay chic, stay glam- My blog is a fashion diary – an ode to everything fabulous, stylishly elegant, and stunningly artistic! I am Rachel; friends call me Ra-y as the sun’s rays. Yes, I am bright and brimming with energy. The aura of fashion and style is infectious and that’s what I present through my blog. If you love expressing yourself, then you’re just at the right place.

Welcome to my blog where I display my obsession with art, design, style and photography.

Anything that is creative and stylishly eye-catching is just what I’m up for. I adore the summers; it’s the best time of the year where you can be chic and dressy. Minimalism is my style since it’s elegant without overdoing things.I love keeping it simple and easy going.

Another fact about me: My guilty pleasures: Chocolate + Wine

With a passion for art and things fashionable, I’m greatly fond of the fashion capital of the world – Paris! Givenchy, yoga, traveling, salmon, galleries, caramel macchiato, pugs, strawberries…other things I love….the list goes on and on!!

Few things that I just hate are lies, people who are late, winter, romantic movies, shoes with tiny heels, smoking cigarettes, loud people, taxis/cabs, traffic, slow walkers, spiders, crowded places just to name a few!

Fashion and art, un-faking it in a minimal but stylishly glam way!

I’m sure there are a lot of you out there that love fashion and proclaim their love for everything stylish.

Please connect and don’t forget to subscribe! I’m sure you’ll always find something that catches your eye! If you’re like me who loves being chic and glamorous, then let’s begin a new journey together – fun and exciting.


Keeping it incredibly stylish always…….




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