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10 Things you should know before starting a blog

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Starting a blog can be very overwhelming, yes it can be a lot to swallow. One of the very important things you need to know about blogging is that it will take time for one to become a successful blogger. It will not be very smooth at the begging but with time all will work smoothly. This is what everyone planning to start a blog should know.

Below are ten things you need to know before you hit the grounds of blogging.

1. For you to succeed treat blogging like a job. It requires hard work, treat blogging with seriousness from day one and you will for sure see the success you looking for. Like any other job, set goals and deadlines, they will keep you accountable and you will be able to access how far you have gone or attained from the achieved goals.

2. Research and read what other bloggers have written. As much as you want to concentrate on writing your own posts, reading what other people have written is equally important. This helps you collect more ideas and builds your creativity.

3. Keep a Record of all your post ideas. This is a great way of keeping your thoughts organized. Capture an idea immediately it cross your mind, this is when the inspiration is very fresh.

4. Learn basic coding. You cannot avoid coding as a blogger. Use online tutorials to get you started. This basic knowledge can help you customize your blog making you very unique among so many bloggers.

5. Get a good blog design. You need an appealing and organized blog to attract visitors. A clean site shows professionalism and credibility which is what is needed for the success of a blog.

6. Use well designed photographs and graphics. Use appealing and high quality photos in your blog, people are attracted by photos, so when you have the best, traffic will be flowing towards your site.

7. Make social media your friend. You will be missing out if you do not use at least one of the available platforms (Facebook,Instagram,Twitter..etc.) for your blog.  They are also a great place to share and reach out to other bloggers.

8. Family and friends might not understand what you are doing and why. You might not get all the support you need from family and friends, so be prepared for people who will discourage you but remember to keep writing.

9.Take breaks. Breaks are very healthy in everything we do. Take advantage of low season periods like holidays and take a break, some rest will not destroy your blog.

10.Be yourself. New bloggers try to copy what successful ones have being doing, this will not take long as the audience will soon realize that. Be uniquely you and let your personality shine in your pieces of work.

Remember-an original is always better than a copy.


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